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He's a nice guy! Honest!

Mike Taylor (born September 9th, 1983) is the creator of Transformers: The Soap and Doctor Who: The Magnus Years. However he isn't the creator of Transformers or Doctor Who.

Taylor is an avid Transformers fan, as well as a fan of various other fantasy shows, including Doctor Who, Supernatural, Alcatraz, Grimm, Alphas and more. He is also a fan of the CSI franchise. Taylor's main passion is probably professional wrestling, he once was a trainee. Much of what he likes is referenced in his work. He was once a good artist and is trying to get back to his best, so his other projects might succeed.

He voices the vastest majority of the characters in TF:TS. Other voice contributers are below (YouTube names, if applicable, in paretheses)

Sideswipe: Karl Matlock (100Karl)

Ultra Magnus: Jon Bailey (Jon3pnt0-Sex, Lies And Transformer-Tapes only. Voiced by Taylor in Magnus' other episodes.)

Windcharger and Stakeout: Stephen Green (Ratman3891)

The Eleventh Doctor: Mike Copple (MegabyteUnleashed)

Taylor does most of the work, on TF:TS and is proud of it. He writes, voices and edits it himself. Others have contributed as well though.

Non TF:TS Related Stories

Taylor wrote his first parody in college. An email story series, titled Pastilles Of Fruit Man. It followed a group of superheroes, named after (and somewhat resembling) various confectionary items. Pastilles Of Fruit Man was a member of the League Of Justice Nestle. Two seasons of the series were emailed out to about 13 fans. It is rumoured to be making a comeback, within the confines of The Soap.

Taylor also wrote Frank Black vs. Babar, having become a fan of The X-Files and Millennium. In the stories Frank and the Millennium group would thwart attempts by Babar (yes the elephant) to take over the world. This would later become Millennium Guy, a series still in purgatory.

Taylor's serious project is called Dark Guardian. It is a planned comic book about a resurrected warrior, fighting battles on another plain. The battles eventually spill into the living realm. It's rather dark.

Taylor has a son, called Bradley. He loves him loads.